Friday, February 06, 2009

of coping with our kids' schedule...

megat has quite a number of homeworks to do yesterday. ya... he goes to a chinese school, so what would you expect right. he even already got homeworks on his first day of school. at the same time his yesterday's schedule was kinda tough as well.

megat came back from school at 2.25 pm. but i tell you what... by the time we reached home around 2.50 pm, he was still hungry! he ate rather a lot as soon as he reached home. everyone were kinda surprised, cuz its not that i didn't bring him his lunch earlier. end up we found out that he shared his pack lunch with some of his friends. well actually we were not that surprised also though.

the same thing happened from last year. actually megat already started to attend extra class in school then. but that time it was once a week only. we knew that megat's friends were not lucky enough like him. their parents didn't send them any food during lunch break, in between their extra class. they just make do with extra monies that their parents gave, and they have to survive themselves. so i as a concerned mother, packed lunch in two plastic containers instead i.e. one for megat, and another for his friends to be shared among them. the idea was for megat to have enough lunch. since the extra classes this year are from monday to friday, megat has been warned of not to share his pack lunch. its the matter of economics as well you see... but megat, being a noble boy i guess, still shared his lunch that i packed for him. oh boy!...

i wonder whether his friends' parents aware of what has been happening. or they just make dunno about it. in fact i wanted to buy a loaf of bread at a nearby mamak restaurant yesterday morning after dropped megat at his school, when i bumped into megat's senior noraini and a chinese girl. when asked, she told me that she was buying a roti canai and wanted to eat before the school hours start. oh dear... poor noraini. looks like she didn't eat her breakfast at home. when i gave this a thought, i know that my kids are lucky enough to have a proper breakfast at home before going to school. alhamdulillah... but on another thought, if i can wake up as early as 5am to start my day, why can't other parents do the same... argghhh!!!... this is all actually the matter of wanting to give the best for our youth.

so after megat had his extra lunch at home yesterday, he watched the tv for a while while relaxing. then he started to do his homeworks. he took a break for a while in between because he was too tired. while from 8 to 9.30 pm, i had to send him for his taekwondo class. he has his dinner after the class. he tried to complete his homework then after. but he was already too tired after quite some time. so i had a deal with him to let him sleep first, and he has to wake up early this morning to finish-up his homework.


pity megat. but what to do. if we as the parents don't lead him on doing things in the right path, how is he going to cope with his schedules well. anyhow, i did help megat to do some colouring while he was doing his other written homeworks early this morning hehee...

"ma... please make sure that you put back the colour pencils at the right place", once megat told me.

wahhh... banyak songeh plak dia since i already helped him *big grin*

so as for today, i told megat that he can get a quick nap after he comes back from the extra class at 2.25 pm. then he has to go back to the school about two hours later for a sports practise *phew*