Tuesday, February 10, 2009

of blogging from TCB&TL

my oh my... i dunno what's wrong every time i wanna get online at TCB&TL. i always got problem with their wifi service. i dunno whether its my dell or TCB&TL' itself. i entered the username and password correctly but it still cannot be done ler... blerk! :P

there were a few incidence previously on last christmas eve, i had to 'kidnap' the wifi from nearby starbucks at the curve instead of TCB&TL'. and another at BSC, i had to do the same i.e. 'kidnapping' la bodega's wifi.

TCB&TL, Kl Sentral

anyway i am right now blogging live from TCB&TL outlet in kl sentral, waiting for my aunt mazian. i have an appointment with her at 11am. my train back to kuale is at 2.23 pm. i had something on yesterday afternoon. then at night, i attended nuffnang premiere screening of punisher: war zone 2. i will write more about it when i am back. so to get an online access from here, i had to 'kidnap' wifi access from others also; this time via MRCB(?) :(