Thursday, February 26, 2009

nuffnang turns 2!

i first knew timothy the co-founder of nuffnang at a penang bloggers meet held at e-gate' starbucks way on 25 february 2007. it has been organized by a cool dude LogicYuan. it was in fact the first bloggers meet that i have attended. even lilian chan was there, then i was like— "sooooo that's 5Xmom!"

i certainly enjoyed myself chatting and camwhoring with other bloggers mainly from penang. well i guess we camwhored more than chatting actually hehee... anyhow that's what bloggers do during a meetup and such right? correct me if i am wrong... and at times i heard they teased tim about 'nuffnang'. i was a bit puzzled though as i dunno a single thing about it yet, okay fine...

nuffnanger profile

then it took me about a few days to find out about nuffnang. so i signed-up on 2 march 2007! to tell you the truth, i didn't generate much of all the years i joined nuffnang because i am just a humble blogger. when i first started this blog in january 2005, eventually it was totally meant as my online journal. i was rather curios of what would be happened if someone found my written journal. so that's basically of how this blog started. and of course a long the way i got to know more and more bloggers no matter locally or from abroad.

i could say that i am kinda tough. eventhough i didn't get much from nuffnang, but since i love what i am doing as a blogger, i try to participate myself in whatever opportunities i could that organized by nuffnang. i am more than happy! with events organized by them, i didn't enjoy them for myself only but sometimes i do shared them with my kids and like recently, i brought rizal to a premiere screening. go here to read more about nuffnang events that i have joined.

nuffnang sharing session @ the apartment downtown— i was so damn mad with this blogger who denied thoroughly when i told him/her(?) about nuffnang's history that i knew and how i knew tim. he/she(?) stressly said that nuffnang was launched sometime in october 2006... huh?!! duh!... eh halo... i know my memory is still very good occay? and that i felt like he/she(?) was trying to under discriminate me or something... blerk!

and tomorrow, without we realized it nuffnang will be turned two!

"two years later nuffnang has outstripped my wildest imagination, growing from an office in penang to have regional offices in kuala lumpur, singapore, manila and melbourne. the number of nuffnangers in the region had also grown from 75 on the first day of launch to over 80,000 as of february 2009."
—excerpts from tim's blog post on nuffnang's site. read more here.

to: timothy & ming,
no limits but the sky. may today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements. congratulations!