Saturday, February 07, 2009

an open letter from a true kuale residence

to all people of the world,

what happened and what you saw on tv about kuale yesterday really make us ashamed. where else kuale people in reality are not like that. go here to read some of my blog postings on "people of kuale". in fact there are more to come. kuale people are so bond with each other like family, no matter who we are and where we live i.e. kota lama, bukit chandan, jalan baru, talang etc.

like my junior in school' parents said, bukit chandan people stayed and locked themselves at home. same with other places. i had to go out just because of the kids' activities. other than that, i was not interested to go out at all. even megat was so scared to see so many people in town, especially at the 'jam beso' (big clock tower) area :(

i just wanna say one thing: please do not disturb kuale. let us live in peace... tq. amin.