Monday, February 23, 2009

of staying in a place called home...

i am sure most of you people knows shaolin tiger! i first met him at the nuffnang friso family day out. he is a very nice guy. i hope that i will have the chance to meet him again *winks* shaolin in fact has known my sister way much earlier cuz they are both in to none other than photography.

nuffnang friso family day out

this was one of the pic i snapped at nuffnang friso family day out, with shaolin in front of me, trying to take a good shot of the limbo rock game too ;)

to tell you the truth, i don't normally read his blog, only onccceeeeeeeeee in a blue moon i tell you. thus i stumbled in to his february 16th post just now about his 5th years in malaysia. so for someone from welsh, who likes our country more than his actual home, it was such an awesome post indeed. the post should be forwarded to all those malaysians who kept on thinking of migrating elsewhere and think that malaysia sucks so much XD