Saturday, February 21, 2009

of typing your blog post' title right

actually i came across this many times already. i realized that besides writing good blog topics or issues, your blog post' titles and contents are important as well. out of a sudden i could see my blog' traffic shoot up. sad to say that the widget didn't do much help. i found out about this from my sitemeter instead.

for an example, my recent blog post on "blogging & law" that i posted this morning must have made nuffnang decided to place eLaywer's leaderboard about the conference on my blog. thank you so much nuffnang mwahhh!!!...


eventually, not long before that i got some infos from my sitemeter that most of the traffic came from! and by the search words of 'elawyer law conference 2009' wohoo... how kewl is that huh?!! what's more when my related blog post' link was on the first page ;)


kuE' current status: smiling from ear to ear

p/s please bear me for the existence of the cny' scrolling marquee. the 'floating widget' has been longed gone. i took it out on the day after chap goh meh. unfortunately i didn't manage to take out the scrolling marquee' html code, as i seems can't find it liao... wargghhh!!!... how come one ler... i searched for it for so many times already. anyone there of any help?