Wednesday, December 24, 2008

of how kuE spend her xmas eve—

the day i was browsing from TCB&TL, but using wireless from starbucks!

its nothing that exciting happening today. i am actually relaxing at TCB&TL, the curve outlet with puteri, watching people walking around here on christmas eve' night. wifi service from here kinda s*cks tonight, and guess what people... i tried to get connected through starbucks connection instead! hehee... so if any of you are a frequent visitor to the curve i am sure you know of how far it is between CB and starbucks right? and i am so lucky that i chose to get myself a dell inspiron 1420. i will write more about this new gadget of mine when more time permits *big grin*

as for now, i would like to take this chance to wish everyone to have a very good and enjoyable xmas— don't drink and drive, do think about your loved ones! mwahhh...

*this community service message is brought to you by kuE!