Monday, December 15, 2008

what we did last weekend...

we were there at the red bungalow for rantai revelation art event 2008. i understand that it was their third year. congratulations! but one thing... we arrived at +/- 11.30 am, unfortunately it didn't looks like that it has been started yet at all when it supposed to be on from 10am to 10pm. we passed a gate with no parking sign placed in front of it. so we wanna enter another gate ahead but was asked by a guy to use the 'front gate' ler... my sis was already cursing. some more the booth' were like not ready on time... blerk! if not because we were there to support our cousin yaya (links here and here), hmm... figure it out yourself ler duh!...

yaya's photography works were placed on the second floor of the two-stories old mansion red bungalow, i like... wonder whose the owner. some people were kinda surprised to find that i like old kind of houses better than the modern one. ya i guess cuz i was brought up in the estates you see. those times, when my dad was with uniroyal, the old mansion bungalows were huge. in fact quality wise, its much more better than nowadays. correct me if i am wrong. besides that, grandma's old house used to be the traditional type as well, made of timber with concrete stairs at the compound area in front of the house. i am sure those of you people who have kampungs would know this kind of house.

rantai art event

we spent some hours at the rantai event to let the kiddos learn more about arts. we were trapped in the red bungalow in the mid of the day as it was raining heavily in kl. luckily the girl brought in some sandwiches *phew* thus tayangan gambar bergerak (short movies) slot that was supposed to be screened at 7pm, was brought to earlier time that afternoon. megat only understands "what happen to the green". he really can't figured out of what's "maxim gorky" and "sunyi" were all about. anyhow, good jobs there dudes!

there was actually some film education talk by pierre andre later that day. we don't wanna wait for another hours! so we walked out of the bungalow around 3pm, when it was already drizzling. we headed to klcc for some late lunch at the lawn. seems like there are many f&b reviews from me that need to be posted :)

regards to the rantai' its a good effort actually for young people of malaysia to promote arts in many ways in one place. there are still many rooms to be improved ler... especially your timing. don't take it for granted that we are in malaysia... you know what i mean... so i guess if your timing and set-up can be done on time, otherwise i am sure the response would be much better.


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