Wednesday, December 31, 2008

puteri has collected her tickets!

puteri has collected her tickets!

its been exactly a week since puteri won a pair of tickets for mamma mia! the smash hit musical at istana budaya (official website here). finally a customer's rep from the bank called puteri this morning to collect the tickets from him. so off we went there this afternoon, had lunch at a secret recipe's outlet around there as well. tqsm for the tickets! especially to sheryl, if not for her who invited us there... :P

we know that we gonna enjoy the show this sunday at 3pm. looks like we will only go back to
kuale after the show ya... and the kiddos will start schooling the day after.

its nothing much to worry about the school's preparation though as we have already bought the school's stuff i.e. uniform, shoes etc., about a week after we came back from
our kuching holidays. i guess its only the matter of resting times before the school starts. i know i know... its gonna be quite tough for the kiddos also us parents, as you people could see we have been lazying around the school holidays for quite some time. now is the time for us to readjust our daily schedules hehee...

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