Wednesday, December 03, 2008

nama berita? and selamat lemai!

[translation for the title: hi... and good evening!]

kuching trip 30-nov to 3-dec

i am now blogging from the coffee bean & tea leaf, kuching international airport outlet, waiting for my flight back to kl in about an hour time. it was such a great pleasure to be here, although it was for a short stay only. what with the great hospitality by Pretty Mommies and her other half. thank you so much to both of you from the bottom of our heart mwahhh...

i would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and management of singgahsana lodge for their nice and grateful service for us. they are sooooo friendly i tell you. i would definitely recommend the place to everyone i know. besides that, i would be back there also insya allah if happened that i will have another trip to kuching in the future.

we didn't waste our time at all while we were still there. after checking out before 9.30 am, we walked about to the row of souvenir shops for some last minute shopping while waiting for Pretty Mommies to pick us up. we waited for her at one of the shops along the main road. she brought us to the cat museum (right pic) then followed by the other three sarawak museums (below pics) i.e. art museum, ethiology museum and dewan tun abdul razak; there after we had our lunch in a malay restaurant.

kuching trip 30-nov to 3-dec

we then stopped-by at a pottery shops. i did buy a ceramic vase though, to be given to a SKDK teacher as a wedding present on mid december if i am not mistaken.

alright then people, i guess that's all the time that i have now in kuching.

mupuk aku. aku lelenggau ka nuan sarawak...
[translation: good bye. i miss you sarawak...]

p/s i hope that i got the local language right ;)