Tuesday, December 02, 2008

of our third day in kuching—

our day at sarawak cultural village (SCV) that we explored in half a day was full of fun fun fun! we booked a round trip shuttle service last night for this morning. we left here about 10.15 am. the journey there was about 45 minutes drive. the charges were RM50 in total (RM10/way for adult and RM5/way for children).

we had a very well welcomed by the SCV staff at the entrance. the fees were RM60 for adult and RM30 for children. there are giving special discounts for students no matter where you are from around the globe provided you show them your student id card. we were given a passport each for us to stamp at all the houses that we visited—

bidayuh longhouse
iban longhouse
penan hut
orang ulu long house
melanau tall house
malay house
chinese farmhouse

we watched their cultural show at 11.30 am first, before we visited all the sarawak type houses there. their second show for the day is at 4.30 pm.

if you people have been to mini malaysia in malacca, ya i could say that its similar to that. but i think SCV is better in terms that they have some people waiting in the respective houses wearing their appropriate clothes welcoming their guest. at the same time, their jobs are to entertain their guest' questionnaires and such. they were all very friendly and helpful. well i find that sarawakians are very nice. in fact a cleaner who was sweeping the floor i bumped into the other day also smiled at us. how lovely!

we had our lunch of nasi campur at restoran budaya, located in the SCV itself. then we walked to damai puri resort & spa which is not far from SCV, before we waited for the evening shuttle service back to the city at about 3.15 pm. the place looks wonderful, what with the lobby facing the beach wahhh... SPEECHLESS man! i have just checked out the rate— min RM620 for deluxe rainforest view *phew* the rates are higher for sea view rooms fuhhh... but to those who do not bother about the $ and wanna some quiet moment, i really recommend that place. i really wished that i could go there someday myself weee...

Pretty Mommies and her hubby fetch us around 6.45 pm. we had dinner at the other side of sarawak river, via a bridge. i tried sarawak' mee kolok for the first time! its good i tell you.

so maybe i will blog more tomorrow for the last time from here, before we leave kuching for kl in the evening. ciao!

kuE' note:
go here to view more great pics of us at sarawak culrural village :)