Monday, December 01, 2008

our second day in kuching

Pretty Mommies was busy, so i managed my day with kiddos with our utmost simple way ourselves. i think we walked like 100s of kilometers today! *phew* anyway it was really fun you know.

we started our day by having a simple breakfast of great toast with coffee/tea and orange juice, plus watermelon courtesy of singgahsana lodge, located at its rooftop called "the sadau". sadau is an iban word for attic. i dunno that it also has a bar there, very nice place and ambiance to lepak. and as usual, they have a very nice deco of sarawak's culture. pool and foosball tables are also available there.

so basically we spent most of our times by walking around the sarawak river waterfront area, especially when a row of shops selling sarawak souveniers are just located around the corner. we walked from one shops to another, admiring sarawak's arts and culture. we were lucky to find out that artrageously, the art gallery by ramsay ong is actually a well known local artist. in fact he has also opened a new gallery in kl as well, at changkat bukit bintang. you people should drop by there someday, as ramsay ong's artworks were truly amazing indeed i tell you.

kuching trip 30-nov to 3-dec

holiday trips ain't that good if we don't think of our loved ones back home. correct me if i am wrong. so i bought about five sarawak batik fabs for mama, grandmother and three very closed aunties; while for father and my lil' bro, i got them a batik shirt from sarawak each. i also bought a sarawak batik shirt for rizal. and guess what people? i put it to mail right away via pos ekspress' cardboard box (RM7.00) during our walks. i was lucky to find out that they do have such box. what i needed to do was just to unflatten the box. great! that i didn't have to wrap the shirt with brown paper first like i usually did for me to mail a package by poslaju. now rizal should get it by tomorrow. i just hoped that he will like it! :)

so for me, i bought two sarawak batik fabs too plus a set of orang ulu's patterned silk fabs. i ought that it should make a very nice set of baju kurung. i will definitely post some pics of it when its ready hehee...

we dropped by textile museum and chinese history museum, but we missed the sarawak state museum. i guess probably that time kids including myself were already hungry like crazy. we had our lunch at little lebanon, located at sarawak tourism complex. this restaurant offers a selection of intercontinental cuisines from arab to western and locals. i will make a special blog post on this as my f&b reviews.

we continued our walks back this time through the river waterfront. they have a ferry cruise and bot penambang service, but we do not intend to try it at all. as the evening past, kiddos were so excited to see mcD somewhere. we had some mcflurry and tapau-ed burgers for our dinner.

so i guess that's about it, our second day' kuching trip. as for tomorrow, i have booked a roundtrip shuttle service for us to damai/sarawak cultural village. we are so excited now, can't wait to go there. till then... mwahh!!! from me in cat city :D