Wednesday, December 10, 2008

emotional changes

a feeling of suppression and as if their in a ferret
a feeling as if they were living in another realm
wishing they can nullify the pain
if only the parents felt any remorse
the parents think their not but truthfully their miserly
the children wish their parents felt emote but deep down they know their stagnant about it

some of the parents try to deny but are yet covered in seethe
the only way they could sleep at night, by telling themselves their kids were being incessent
in the morning the child is skeptical sees the parents with laud
as they see him and speak with censure

the main feeling of recluse and recession
they look at themselves and see engraved scars
when they go out the feeling of diffidence hits them
as an enormous amount of acting hits the parents like they have no idea why their kid is acting like that

when the child gets older they have feelings of disperse
feeling they can flout the rules, and feeling in a state of desuetude
gone through so much they become equable to a lot of things
wanting and searching for comfort and the feeling of being embellished because their so accustomed to being around people of stolid
feelings of exoneration strikes the parents when the child finally leaves