Wednesday, December 10, 2008

THE tick!

the tick

megat made us laughed earlier today at queensbay mall, in penang! well read on to find out of what had happened—

our last stop before we went back home was to order some pizzas to be tapau-ed. so while waiting for it to be ready, we walked to memory lane shop located just a few steps across.

then megat told me calmly while pointed to our right, "mama looked! the mall here has adidas, and tick also got".

i was like puzzled— "tick?", i asked.

"ya... tick!", megat repeated me. by this time, puteri and i were already looking at each other, then we both moved our view to the shop next to adidas'. we really can't help it then but laughed-out-loud hehee...

so can you people see of what we were laughing about? :D

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