Saturday, December 13, 2008

what happened to our blogspot?

i wanna do some auto blog post when i found this on all blogspot' blogs site including mine—

i found out the other day that some of the blogs on blogspot have been removed. that happened to all blogspot' bloggers worldwide. NOW WHAT?

btw i will be at rantai revelation 2008, insya-allah. ya! this means that i will be back in kl to rock the city wohoo!!!... so besides our interest in arts, basically we gonna be at rantai art event to give some supports to a cousin though... she is exhibiting her photography works there. make sure to say hi if you happened to see me occay?!!...

alrighto... looks like either i have to get going to finish up some packing (luckily puteri can do hers already), or i will need to catch up for some extra sleeps first :D