Monday, December 29, 2008

of why kuE lurves to lepak in BSC than any other malls—

i know i know... i ought to post about the great and successful "potluck with redmummy" event that i went with megat last saturday evening. at the meantime maybe you can read about it on redmummy's blog itself. congratulations dear!!! may you have more great one to come. i will try my very best to post my version very soon :)

as you could see people, BSC (view the official website here) is one of the oldest shopping mall in klang valley, other than subang parade, BB plaza and lot 10. i love to frequent all those malls since my younger years when i first started to step my feet in kl. and since then my most favourite one is always BSC!!!

oh why BSC? i guess its a very nice place to relax, chill and what's not... very nice ambiance i could say, not too crowded like any other, especially after its major revamped done recently, i like... they have improved their services a lot including the security wise, they are everywhere in the building i.e. parking area, lobby entrance and also on every floors. good job there!

i am right here at TCB&TL outlet, outdoor area. i feel so blessful. you can see many foreigners who like to come here as well. besides that, you could also see many celebrities like to be here too!!! i was here with a black friend yesteday. we had an early dinner at chili's. i saw rockybru! i didn't take pics ler plak, cuz i left my oly in the car. on the other hand, my friend dunno that i am a blogger ler... and juz now, the ever famous dancer azanin was sitting alone, a few tables away from me. while the day before, i was here with megat right after potluck with redmummy in putrajaya. my black friend joined us as well. see... kuE was in BSC three days in a row! hehee... also not to be forgotten, one of my MUST-go-place whenever i go to kl is right here in BSC!

now tell me people, do you like BSC too?