Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the day a car theft happened at the curve by one of their own' security people

i was so comfy sitting right here at the curve's starbucks since about 1/2 an hour ago, when suddenly a chinese man who sat besides me really make me stunned with a call that he made via his mobile phone.

he spoke malay language on the fon very fluently. from my ear-peeking to his fon conversation, i understand that he has just lost his car today to one of the curve's security department' staff itself. my oh my... looks like kuE' has been kaypochee-ing on people a lot these days lol... from the sounds of his tele-conversation with the other party (must be the curve's security department), i really felt kinda worried at the same time as well as the chinese man has been asking them to meet him here to discuss more about this issue. it seems the chinese man saw and remember of which security man who stole his car. he (chinese man) also told the other party that the security man admitted his fault anyway and demanded the chinese man to make a police report if he dares as, "siang atau malam sama saje(?)". the chinese man sounded damn angry and mad (who won't right).

i could say that it was quite a long argument with some islamic phrase by the chinese man himself like, "lailla ha illallah" or "masya allah" and many more. he also told the other party this before he ended the conversation: "harap kan pagar, pagar yang makan padi! security punya orang sendiri yang curi kereta saya!"

the chinese man continued to browse online via his laptop but i don't think that he was up to it. he switched off his laptop and walked off, after he completed his mobile fon conversations. i guess his next destination is must be directly to the police station to make a report on his lost car. doesn't this mall has cctv? i hope the chinese man can solve his problem asap. poor him! arghhh... i should have asked his permission for me to take his pic and placed it here together with this blog post!