Tuesday, December 16, 2008

personal touches make handmade gifts more precious

i was at kinta city with my hero megat yesterday to look for some birthday cards for our loved one's upcoming birthdays, when i told myself that maybe i shall just made my own birthday cards this time as i haven't make them for quite some time. maybe some of you people dunno that i just love arts and crafts. it was so nice that i found three types of brown theme rose' wrapping paper by a.e.i.o.u., at mph; specially for puteri, my sister and mother. anyhow, their birthdays are very closed to each other anyway.

i was more than happy when i saw fragrance papers with rose patterns (ref above pic, on far middle end) at jusco. that papers were meant as lining papers. i chose cream colour and paid them right away! owh... by that time i already can't wait to get started then. as you could see from the above pic as well, the one that i chosed for puteri was actually meant for weddings. thank god that i got some creative minds when i folded the brown colour lines, then... voila!

the word 'wedding' was already hidden in the folded brown lines (above, right). i made cut-out letterings out of white sticker papers to make the word 'daughter', 'sister' and 'mama'. but end up i decided not to use the stickers for mama as i find that its already good as it is.

for the inside of the cards, i printed some suitable poems for each of them on a piece of white A4 paper. i cut them accordingly (the size should be a bit less than the main cards) using paper cutter and stick them on the cards.

now take a look at the below pic people. doesn't it look familiar to you i.e. like a store-bought card maybe? *glurp*

and the following card was meant for mama—

actually all those birthday cards are to be given during puteri's surprise birthday makan-makan tomorrow night.

so don't you just love handmade gifts people. i do. in fact, i should say i really prefer handmade gifts.

it's not that i don't like and appreciate other gifts. it's just that with the handmade gifts i know how much time and effort has gone into making them and they, therefore, become more precious to me.

i love giving handmade gifts now as a matter of choice. however, when i was younger and times were tough the only way i could afford gifts was to make them.