Monday, January 05, 2009

the first day of school

megat's school

i am very sure that most of the parenting bloggers i.e. here; have already posted about their experiences on the children's first day of school by now. i could see that everyone were kinda busy with their day's schedule. i guess most of the people took a day or half-day leave to make sure that everything would be okay, and tomorrow's another day.

my kiddos been warned from many days ago that we can't get out of the house later than at least 7 am even though we reached home around 10.35 pm from kl. same goes to the rest of the school days. if not, you know... owh how i hate the word l-a-t-e! puteri has to be in school by 7.15 am, while megat 7.20 am. anyhow they made do with a quick nap in the evening to readjust their timing :)

punctuality is a real sign of discipline, a practice we try to instill in our youth through school bells. not being on time is a sign of disrespect to someone or to the persons you are about to meet. we can also scold people for being late, let them go or fine them, but sometimes it can be a nuisance that people lack consideration and discipline for keeping an appointment. perhaps we need to institute some school bells even in the offices. maybe it could be effective.

this is megat's 7th year in chinese school, practically 3 years in kindergarten. its the first day of school, everyone knew it. but he already came back with some homeworks! ya... being said that chinese school pupil have homeworks to do almost everyday. that's fine for me. although its already 7 years, i am still worry about him to get good grades— 2 more years to upsr! he has to sit for an extra paper which is of course the chinese language *phew* no doubt all the teachers agreed that megat can talks mandarin very well. he was even asked to deliver a mandarin speech at his kindergarten's last year's of concert.

puteri— she will be sitting for her pmr exam this year. so this means that not just puteri has to work hard to achieve for success, but looks like her mama has to be hand-in-hand with her too. and now i could feel of how really fast the time flies... if you know what i mean *winks* now that schools started, puteri has to adhere to the simple rules i.e. NO mobile phones and NO internet during school days, except for weekends and public holidays... hah! this same goes to megat. anyhow, maybe they have the flexibilities to get online if they wanna do some research for school projects, assignments or things a like. we survived ourself without all those things during our time anyway kan? :)

kuE' note:
pic above was a part of megat's school, taken this afternoon, just before the last bell's rang. i was sitting outside the school's hall.