Monday, January 12, 2009

of kuE' passion—


finally... i have completed hand-sewn my kid's cloth badges on to their uniforms, 6 pieces altogether the other night *phew* yea!

i sew 'blanket stitch' that i find suitable to sew a badge. this embroidery stitch is worked from left to right. bring needle up and hold the loop of thread down with left thumb. make a vertical stitch (refer this link for a better picture or click on the above image for a larger view), bringing the needle out over loop of thread. read more about this stitch here.

i like to do most of the things myself because i'm passionate about what i do and when you're passionate... well, when you're passionate you don't settle. you don't do second best. it's an all out, stay up 'til midnight CREATE.

its just like getting a personalized gift, especially one that’s hand-made… with love. and, of course, its a way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you! a hand-made gift shows that you put extra thought into their gift, not to mention the time and attention you devoted to putting it together.

first day of school

both my puteri and megat said that they are so proud of their mama. the badges will surely be last long like the past years. while according to megat, his friends badges would normally torn off after quite some time. well as you could see, its actually the iron-on type cloth badge. an ustazah did ask megat about it some time end of last year, of how nice it looks like although the school days almost end; and megat proudly told her that it has been hand-sewn by his mama. see... its not that hard to make your loved ones happy :)