Tuesday, January 06, 2009

vanidah imran!

puteri and i were walking towards the lobby of istana budaya, after mamma mia! show when suddenly i was so happy and glad to saw vanidah imran right infront of my big eyes! weee...

mamma mia the musical

i dunno what to say but when she turned around, i braved myself to poke her shoulder and asked her to take a pic with me. i know that she was rushing to go out, probably her husband was waiting for her or something, but i don't care! she looks stunning although she just came in orange blouse and jeans with black shawl. i like her features as well— very beautiful.

i remember she won the first sehati berdansa programme last year. they made up a good couples though. and they have a blog— Ke Bintang! — The Official Blog Of Rashidi Ishak & Vanidah Imran; by the way i don't think we can expect much as they find that blogging is a great way to keep in touch and update their friends and fans of what's happening to their latest project and stuffs!

kuE' note:
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