Sunday, January 18, 2009

my latest new experience

Guess what? I registered with a new emerging social networking website which I am damn sure it is going to rock in very near future. It is very unique in its own way and it is a source of ample of entertainment stuffs. It was just very different experience for me after registering. Well, finally you can jeopardize your stream of pulses in here in this consumer network website, Acobay. It rocks. So you all must be very much eagerly waiting for knowing what it is all about and it special feature. I will give you all a terse but instead of reading I would prefer you to feel the fun by clicking on the links.

This Acobay is still a beta, but it looks well matured. I guess no one believe it is a beta. The most important theme of Acobay is connecting people of same interest (they refer it as a ‘stuff’) from both ends of the world. The registration is as simple and the website responds quickly as unlike some other social networking sites. After the registration, you can add numerous stuffs such as mobile phones, destinations, books, movies, music, personality, or even your own customized idea. After adding stuffs you are now connected to the ones with same stuffs and thus inter connecting people. There are several other features that quite decent such as stuff idea, stuff map and so on. Explore the real heat before it gets hotter.