Monday, January 04, 2010

the first!


as you all know, today is the first for everything:

the first monday of the year ~ of course!

the first day of schools for many malaysian school-going kids ~ its not that bad for both my kids puteri and megat though; as this is already the 11th and 8th year of schools for puteri and megat respectively. they managed everything themselves, except for megat was a bit slow because of this *glurp* hah! i just have to ensure that they woke up on time, and also to make sure that they had a proper breakfast before i send them to school.

the first working day for those people who work with mat salleh (caucasian) ~ this applied no matter you are malaysians are not. you were entitled for 3-weeks holidays, from christmas right up to the new year! *phew*

the first week of my new 'project 365'! yes this gonna be a new version that i am gonna called it "project 365-10". i left the previous one at week #9. but then i remember that i thought even though i do not have the time to update it via my flickr album or this blog, i still have the materials as i tried my very best to snap at least a pic a day. so along the way probably i will do it no matter what. too bad i didn't manage to do it. in some days, either i forgot to take pic in a day or maybe nothing at all in that week *blerk* then i decided to just quit at where ever i stop updating, and start a fresh new one for this new year... ngeh³ :))

so what about you people. is there any first for you today?