Saturday, May 05, 2007

give proper credit

i have an important message to tell everyone especially all malaysians. click here to read about it in my other blog.

this also same goes to those who have remove the blogger navigation bar on their blogs. the navigation bar is suppose to be appeared on all freely-hosted blogspot blogs. so if you remove it, its as though you claimed it as yours.

kuE's note: know what? i don’t care if you’re one of the people whom i’d gladly love to hate. if you’re offended, fine. i don’t give a fucking damn, thank you very much. if you find yourself implicated, then maybe you’d like to make some changes. i don’t know. it’s your decision. i’m just saying what’s supposed to be right because i know you’re doing something wrong. yes, i know I’m being a bitch. but i know i have a valid point here.