Friday, December 08, 2006

was that really you?

i was at tiger lane, after a meeting among all the selected ones, with our AM. hah... good ones! i won't tell what was it about here. enough said that i'll do whatever i supposed to do soon ;)

so i was there at the tiger lane, on the way to meet kay at kinta city. suddenly i saw this guy in a silver kembara wanted to over-take me grr... gosh... he looks damn familiar! i was shocked, "huh?!! was that really abang sham? cannot be!".

i met kay at CB as promised. at the same time i handed her the invitation card for my lil' bro's wedding reception here on the 23rd., and also a company's diary for 2007. she likes it so much. of course, huh?!! who doesn't want a good one right especially the one from me. many were looking forward for it (the company's diary) actually. i've just collected our copies from the sales office today, after a meeting.

well, its been quite some time since the last time kay and i met. thus we caught-up many things that we've missed. i forgot to tell kay about the incident at the tiger lane. i called her when i was already on the way back here instead. well, if that was really you abang sham, and if ever happened that i met you again in person, i dunno... i'll follow with the flow lol...