Wednesday, September 22, 2010

double the winning!...

regards to my winning of the limited edition "octo" soft toy from CIMB Malaysia the other day, i am so proud to show you people that i have received it today ye!... and surprisingly PLUS 2 X RM20 Starbucks Malaysia voucher.

tqsm guys! i really dunno that i won the starbucks coffee voucher too as there was no announcement i think kan, or you all wanna surprise me; err... btw aren't i supposed to receive 2 "octo" instead of 1(?).


and here's my "octo" already sitting with my two favs: the green one was a birthday gift from puteri when she was small and i can't seems to remember of where i got the other one *glurp*

so people go and 'like' CIMB Malaysia fb page now; who knows that you might win something too! ツ


there's another thing i would like to comment here: i bet bankers are not into saving the earth at all huh?!! why on earth that you all packed the gift in two separate courier envelopes. you should have just placed them in to one package when you know that the recipient gonna get more than one item~ besides helping to save the mother earth, more importantly you all could keep the extra courier charges for another thingy hmm... jmtc.