Thursday, September 16, 2010

kuE' article in starmag...

hey, people... in case you didn't know yet, an article by yours truly has been featured on last sunday's starmag (page SM2):


although i haven't blog about it yet but i did tweet anyway. that's a good thingy i like about social media; where i could just type kinda short note on that 'mini-blog' first, and i will blog about it whenever i have the time. kewl, huh?

so as you could see there's no case of copy-paste. the name written in the starmag both print and online version is me. regards to this matter, that is why i never place my facebook link here in my blog. fb to me is only for family, relatives and closed friends only; and that includes bloggers that i really know.

kuE is my blogger name. i explained about it here. and basically i started this blog as an online diary. then along the way i have been offered to do sponsored blog post. that's where i started to write more than personal stuff: when some local bloggers can be proud of being famous locally, my blog is well-known by overseas agent ehem... and now you people should know by now of why i write in english. i have to maintain it this way though. this blog has given me quite good side income. anyhow what if i say that my income is more with them rather than here... hah! no doubt joining nuffnang is the best thing a local blogger could ever experienced.

i guess the fun of being a blogger will never ends...