Saturday, September 04, 2010

are you moist enough?

being a busy mom of 2 growing-up kids, both in primary and secondary school isn’t that easy. sun lights can age you, she always wanna look her best, and fatigue can dull your skin. here’s how kuE manage to still look fresh, and vibrant after all that WHEN she give you advice on how to take good care of your skin, you listen. and listen well~


i have always been praised for having vibrant and young, healthy-looking skin. on top of that i also have always been mistaken as my dd puteri's sister... hah! even fellow blogger friends i met at the nuffnang sharing session at modesto's capsquare recently was shocked at first though, when i mentioned that i was the eldest in the group :)

well i believe in and actually apply lotions on my skin—is something special for me. taking care of my skin is a top priority. i always make sure i get to clean and moisturize my skin because you never know when age is going to catch up on you. for me, having great skin is important because it’s a sign of being healthy. i never sleep with make-up still on my face. i wash my face day and night and whenever i feel it’s needed.

i like to keep things simple. aside from eating healthy, getting enough rest is a must for me to ensure that i get healthy, glowing skin. and as you could see, line dance is part of my passion now. i in fact is promoting line dancing as an alternative exercise activity-it is much more fun than sweating at the gym!!!

honestly, because of my busy schedule, the only time i get to pamper my skin and body is during bath time, which takes about an hour and a half at most. of course, this is the time i put on the lotion afterwards. i make sure i get a lotion that smells good and leaves no greasy feeling while making my skin soft.

when i get time off, i enjoy a good book in my room.

vaseline, a skin care and hand & body lotion brand in business for more than 130 years across the world, proves its leadership as the skin expert with the launch of the vaseline amazing skin communication campaign – a global campaign that invites everyone to take a look at skin the way we do: up close and personal. with the launch of the campaign, vaseline also introduces its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like total Moisture, healthy white, intensive rescue, and aloe cool and fresh.

first, a look at the background. there are many of us who do not realise how amazing skin is: that is shown by how many of us only see skin as a small part of our daily needs, and only give it the minimum of nurturing, or not think about it at all. but skin is part of the body, and it is grown and developed with us from the time we are born until now, protecting us from the weather, and allowing us to touch and feel the rest of the world outside ourselves. it also provides protection for the whole body.

from what i understand, with this in mind vaseline is launching their communication campaign with the theme ❝celebrate amazing skin❞, to challenge us to take care of our skin by giving it the best treatment to meet its needs, to make every one of us feel comfortable with our skin, because vaseline believes that everyone’s skin is amazing. our skin can be a reflection of who each of us are as a person, and can express us for ourselves. that is how amazing the role and the function of skin is - it allows us to enjoy our lives.

vaseline knows skin very well, it is an expert in skin moisturizing and it always makes our skin look amazing.

i want to make sure that when people touch my skin, they’ll feel how smooth and flawless it is.

unlike other brands, vaseline does not expressly tell users to keep away from the sun. on the contrary, vaseline will make you feel safe because it is there to moisturize your skin whenever it gets exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. what makes vaseline stand out among the rest is its non-greasy feel and its vitamin E. plus, the lotion would leaves an amazing scent on your skin.

i hope people realize that true beauty lies beyond beautiful skin. being beautiful for me is having that inner peace and true happiness which reflects in your aura. i only want the best for me.

getting—and actually keeping—my glowing, vibrant, and healthy skin is indeed as easy as one-two-three. it’s simple: eat healthy, get enough rest and exercise, cleanse your skin and apply your favorite lotion for that moisturizing touch ❤