Tuesday, August 31, 2010

thank you malaysia!...

hello... people!

it's been 2 weeks... hah! anyhow leave a side the long awaited blog post that i supposed to post it earlier. not even a single post on this ramadhan month yet. as we are still in the celebration mood of 'independence day', i guess there's more than important thingy to be spread out~

It Happened to Me, It Could Happen to You

by Lau Chee Kin on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 8:14pm

The typical Merdeka Eve night started with an urge to watch the fireworks celebration in KLCC ended up in a racist attack by a group of teenagers. So, me and a friend of mine thought of a good solution to avoid the traffic jam in that area by walking from the office in Jalan Imbi through Pavillion, to Jalan Kia Peng through Convention Center to KLCC.

Sounds like an ideal plan as the path is a frequent walkway and is even advertised in Pavillion as 'Bridge to KLCC' (just to note that we didnt go into any dark alley).

At 10.15pm, we started walking towards Pavillion, stopped to get a drink at Starbucks and proceeded ahead. As we walk, we came across people from various races and foreign tourists along the way.

On Jalan Kia Peng, we walked past Novotel Hotel, Hakka Restaurant, Menara HLA and was reaching the junction of Jalan Pinang when a group of about 10 teenage Malay youngsters walking from the opposite direction. They looked like typical youths, giggling and talking to each other.

As we walked past them, suddenly one of them turned around and started to make a flying kick to my friend. Noticing the 'fun' he is having, his other friends started to do the same to me. It was so sudden and all I was thinking at the moment was, "What the hell did we do to them?"

Both of us ended up kneeling on the ground for a moment before more kicks and punches came flying in. Even though both of us had our tripod strapped across our shoulder, we were too shocked to react to it. Eventually one punch landed right on my right forehead and I started to bleed profusely. Seeing that they eventually stopped and walked away. WALKED AWAY, damn it. They were not even afraid to run but just WALKED AWAY like winning a game or something. The last thing I remember hearing from one of them was "Baliklah ke negara asal".

Imagine hearing this statement on Merdeka Eve.

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i feel so sorry of what had happened to lau chee kin... those guys are just the 'kurang hajor' type of people who ruined our "beloved" country :(

thanks to marcus and caroljit for sharing this on fb. and to everyone out there, please be safe no matter where you are ☮