Wednesday, August 11, 2010

need help from penangites!!!...

first of all, congratulations to dD for winning the best costume title at the lg cookie monster party organized by nuffnang recently. what i could say here is that its really worth your effort!


and thank god with the blog post this morning i saw on fb, i realized that i haven't ready myself for the perfect 10 masquerade line dance party 2010, organized by my lǎoshī, i might be attending.

so since the party is going to be held in penang island, i doubt that i would better look for costume shops there. i am in the mid of trying to search for them online, but it simply ain't easy... i will be very grateful if any of you penangites could recommend me of where i should head to. please leave notes in the comment box or email me.

the thingy is i lurveeeee costume party. i grabbed one of the best dressed title at the christmas line dance party i joined last year ;)


not just that, i also adore dressing up... for a very simple example, i was at an indian wedding not too long ago~ so 'saree' it is! more pics can be viewed here :))