Tuesday, August 03, 2010

kids don't lie

alright, i posted this in my facebook status last week. but then on a second thought, i guess maybe its better if i share it with my blog readers too... ;)

i eventually don't wanna get into the basket and carry it myself (as in 'masuk bakul and angkat sendiri' ler...);

but what to do when it is true: lil' puteri, a youngest student at silver line studio called me "kakak" (big sister). well i corrected lil' puteri by saying that i can be called as auntie too like the other co-founder.

and you all know what lil' puteri told me then?... "tapi macam 'kakak' (but you are just like a big sister)!...", she replied with a kinda blurr face *glurp*

so what do you think people. to a school friend, that was sweet, which can be called as a real compliment. nevertheless kids don't lie... hiks! :)