Thursday, July 29, 2010

of having lockers in our schools...

With many complaints made by local parents today that their children's school bag are so heavy because of the number of books they have to carry; I would like to strongly suggest for our government to provide Lockers in our school including the urban area. I know, I know some may say that it's not easy, and it's kinda ridiculous idea. Or maybe it's better to purchase them for older students. But I guess it's not wrong for us to educate our children, from their first year until they leave. If children in overseas school can, why can't we?

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School Lockers can be assigned in a certain part of the school. It could normally done in such a way that the students will have School Lockers that are easier to access and closer to the classrooms that they use the most. I understand that this has proved an enduring way to organise student storage as it is long lasting and therefore cost effective.

We all know how important it is to have School Lockers. With the large number of books that students need as they progress through the education system, it is vital that they have somewhere to store them when they are not in use. It is impossible to carry all those books around all day long and it should not be necessary if proper storage facilities are provided by the school.

It is important for schools to provide conveniently placed School Lockers. It is advisable to make room for several locker areas in locations around the school buildings, so students can access their belongings easily, especially from their classrooms.

Providing School Lockers can help to prevent students from losing and damaging their books and belongings as they go about the school day. It also helps students protect their belongings from theft or deliberate damage. Though no one likes to think of it, bullying is an everyday occurrence in schools and unfortunately sometimes theft and damage of other student’s property is how this manifests itself.

When purchasing school lockers, it is important to make decisions about how big they should be, which locking systems they should use and, of course, how many will be needed. It is also necessary to find a locker manufacturer who can offer ongoing support with parts such as locks and doors. They may need replacing or maintaining regularly.

No matter what the kind of educational institution you run, lockers could be valuable addition to your furniture. It may be that the school or college already has locker facilities, but these are in need of replacement due to many years of intensive and not always very sympathetic use! Numerous online companies can supply good quality school lockers at good value for money. Always consider the environment into which the lockers will be placed before purchase. If they are for a swimming pool building, they will need to be resilient to corrosion. To keep any Gym Lockers in good shape, always issue students with guidance about what can be stored inside them.

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