Thursday, July 08, 2010

when german army met the spanish guitar...

buenos dias!...

i ain't a world cup fan much, although its a largest sporting event in the world. but when i was there a few weeks ago, i had to ler... show some interest on it hehee... its all for the sake of 'the man'. we had to have our dinner early that weekend. he chose a japanese restaurant located just at the amcorp mall building itself. it was my first time there. not bad at all!

i was glad that i helped him to reset the sports channel for him to watch the match~ gotta call the astro' customer service line. apparently he didn't have most of the programs in the right order because he wasn't home for quite some time. i was lucky though when the guy on the other end taught me to click this-and-that then... voila! he tried the same on the other decoder too.

so when i got online as soon as i awoke this morning, i found out that #NED Netherlands & #ESP Spain are into the finals of 2010' #worldcup . aren't social media great people? we don't have to wait for the papers available at the market no more!

and of course i was rather blur then when people were tweeting and fb-ing about paul the octopus. thanx to mr google, i know now that he is actually a real octopus! hiks!...

paul is a 2-year-old octopus oracle -- born in england but raised in germany -- has predicted a german win over england in sunday's world cup game. kudos to him to for correctly predicting #GER Germany loss to #ESP Spain in the #worldcup semifinal 2.

read more about paul the octopus here.

so who are you people supporting~ the dutch chicken a.k.a. turkey or the spanish guitar? ;)