Saturday, July 17, 2010

dangerous eye trick by lady gaga

I get a message online that many teens today like the huge eyes of Lady Gaga, and they are trying to get the same look using online contact lenses with dangerous results.


Image © Interscope

No doubt about that... a lot of people adore both Lady Gaga's fashion taste as well as music. Some look at her as super crazy singer who hit stardom in an insane way while some look at her as the genius that climb into popularity through her unique fashion taste.

However, recently, in the video "Bad Romance", she appeared to have bigger and huge eyes. This has encouraged a lot of girls to try and follow her style but there is a warning from the doctors.

Dr. Marc Werner who is an ophthalmologist at Stahl Eye Center in New York City said that a contact lens is a medical device and must be fit to the patient’s eye. When it is not fitted properly, the patient risks everything from minimal discomfort to loss of vision related to a contact lens infection. Unfortunately, if vision loss occurs, it may be permanent. Our eyes are the window of the world, so we should keep them healthy.

*this community service message is brought to you by kuE for Stahl Eye Center