Sunday, July 04, 2010

pizza hut, kualé


yehaaa!!! yup, don't blink your eyes... ahaks! pizza hut is finally here in kualé. they first opened its door on friday, 4 june 2010, a day before the last school holidays. and believe it or not, we first went there last night even though we pass the road like every time we go out around kualé.

the location is very simple. its located along the main road of jalan taiping stretch, right opposite an indian temple. so i guess those who haven't come back to kualé for quite some time must be surprised on their upcoming home visit hehee... nevertheless i had to drive in to jalan dato' sagor, then i took a turning back to jalan taiping at the clifford school junction. this being that the main road has been painted with double line instead.


as we approached the restaurant, we obviously thought that it was full especially when we saw quite a number of people standing at the entrance, both indoor and outdoor. unfortunately those people were waiting for their take-out orders. so we had to wait like them too, after we ordered ours.

i certainly do not like the idea at all seeing the cashier counter placed right in front of the main door! walaweiii!!!... i wonder who was the brain idea behind the designing of that poor pizza hut. why, they must be afraid that kualé people would ran away from paying huh?!! *blerk*

from what i observed, it was actually kinda risky and not safe at all~ people could see the cashier opened the cash register openly... counting the money and all. blimey! they thought that they are clever, but you are not ler! ;P


i can't comment more towards the interior of the restaurant as we didn't go inside.

well, anyhow there's nothing to be proud of yet:
  • we got our order at 43 minutes, when we were promised that it will be ready in approximately 25 minutes! when i tweet, i checked the receipt that the cashier logged our order at 20:57 . not just that, i saw that megat was given a bottle of pepsi only instead. he has to ask for an another! i hope that this won't be happened again on our next visit. you all should check your customer's order before you released them.

  • while waiting outside and snapping pics, i heard a man told his friend that the service was rather slow hmm... that statement didn't surprised me at all ler...

  • our pizzas were burned! :(