Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas is just around the corner...

believe it or not people i have never attended any christmas party when i moved back here. so the 'christmas line dance party' in ipoh that i went with intan and mrs teh on last friday night, was kind of the first one for me since then. it was truly great and enjoyable. we really enjoyed ourselves sooooo much!


you know people when i first started line dancing earlier this year, i didn't expect to have this kind of fun time at all. so as you could see now people its not that bad staying in this part of the globe. i have even been to line dance carnival in penang few weeks ago. i know i know i still owe the blog post that's in my draft folder mind you! so no sweat i will post about it no matter what~ better late than never huh?!! anyway i have made up my mind to try my very best to release all the blog post in the draft folder asap at least before the year ends... looks like i have to find some time for a self blogging marathon *phew*

alright, one thing's best about attending a costume or theme party is that i could dress-up as much as i could. and as the result, i brought home a hamper sponsored by yee hup for the best dressed title... woot! you could view me with the hamper pictured as the thumbnail of the party vid (later part of this blog post). on the other hand, if you have been a follower of my twitter, i am very sure that you have already known by now about this than anyone else from this tweet.

although some people may find that my costume was very simple— i just went for a bling bling red top with white skirt, and a pair of black boots, and not forgetting a small bling bling christmas hat! but i trust that if you follow the theme correctly, and with at least a bit of effort (take note that i did my hair myself!)... i am sure that you will get a big chance there. oh btw i have been dubbed as one of the santa's elves by an online american friend :))


and another thing that i would like to point out~ this kind of party is a bit different than any other christmas party, as we got to meet some other line dancers and line danced together with them along all kind of musics like country, waltz, rock and roll, and what ever you name it... even hip hop! so don't get the interpretation wrong that line dance is for old people only. you are definitely wrong! make sure you watch our new found line dancing friend shan in the following video. he danced to fuego perfectly i tell you!


and of course there's more of me in the video too thanks to more of our new found line dancing friends hamidah and her gang~

i could obviously say that the party would not be successful with the great organization by the organizer chris ng, who is also a line dance instructor in ipoh. thank you so much chris for the great party! we will surely come back next time...