Monday, December 21, 2009

eventually they never say NO to any 'makan-makan' invites...

this is a story about the difference between the current and past students of the koleq (mckk) boys. yes i know they loveeeeeeeeee food, and who doesn't right; but here's a something~

remembers peeps, the recent eid adha was during the spm exams. the school didn't allow any of the form 5 students to go back for the holidays. so puteri invited them to come to our house after the raya prayers. none of them came. it seems that they were... s-h-y(?!!!) *glurp*

when mama told this to my lil bro (batch '93, who is well known as boon since his koleq days) recently, he said: "EEEEE... malu². budak koleq never deny to any makan² invites!" hiks!

yes true. we have experienced them all, especially at my grandma's place here. from papa's younger years in koleq until my lil' bro, they always brought their koleq friends home. even when they wanted to take their spm results (my lil' bro time), they were quite a number of them overnight here. they slept everywhere i tell you! yes everywhere. no need ler for me to tell about this in details, just go and figure ler... and from what i know, when they were here... its always like home sweet home :)