Saturday, December 05, 2009

"paragon of fashion"

i have been called as "paragon of fashion" by harjinder, a junior of my school. it started when i saw this on a canadian fb friend's status:

WANNA SEE WHO DOES THIS... Let's see how honest FB friends are. Leave a 1 word comment that you think best describes her. It can only be 1 word. No more than 1 word. Then copy & paste this post on your wall so she can leave a word about you. This should be interesting... Wonder if she has 20 brave friends who will do this~

so after i typed a word about heather, i copy and paste the above on my fb status. i was kinda eager too to see of what people would say about me. it was an honour for me though to find out that there are some people who secretly adore me for my fashion. i just dunno what to say but that's me! i guess harjinder could see it from our school days till now. basically i lurve to dress up according to the occasions, functions or events i am attending. i dunno about you, but for me i would definitely feel odd if i don't wear according to the theme...

like recently when i attended a chinese wedding, i wore cheongsam (i know i know i didn't blog about this YET)! guest were kinda impressed seeing me. even most of the chinese people themselves don't wear their traditional clothes during functions like that :(


and i wonder if you could still remember about an indian wedding that i posted some time early this year. i chose to wear lehnga. ayuuuuu... you could read it here, plus more close-up pics of their wedding traditions.

Me, Myself & I

i also owned áo dài, a vietnam traditonal clothes that my dad bought it tailor-made for me during his vietnam trip many years ago.

besides lehnga, i have wore saree too at a company dinner some time ago. it was a bollywood theme. i chose to wear saree to create something different from other people. i wanted to show them that malay girls can wear saree too... then voila!

well, all the above pics were part of the other clothes that i wore apart from the normal baju kurung or kebaya. and now, i am in the mid of thinking of what to wear for a christmas line dance party that i am going to attend next week. any idea people? ;P