Saturday, October 10, 2009

my show & tell of "estet" video clips & book launching...

it was a simple, fun and great event indeed. no doubt about it. so i thought its best to get on with a show and tell...


upon guest arrival, we were greeted by these 2 pieces indian music instrumental... i am so in lurve with it, sooooo soothing and relaxing. click on the pic to watch the video of it that i recorded.


so while i was waiting for my blogger friend to join me, i snapped here and there as usual...


see... even the beautiful high ceiling also! *glurp*


and finally here's my guest, ayuuuuu!!!

the guy on white behind ayu is a poet i think, but i can't seems to be remembered his name ler plak... ayuuuuu!!!... oh you know why i shouted for ayu. that's because she's very good in spotting celebrities in a split second; oh my... i.e. we were chatting then suddenly she was like, "awie!" then not too long after that, "eizlan yusuf!". wahhh... mak oiii... ;~)

p/s tu ler, the other day when i asked in my fb/twitter of who wanna follow me to istana budaya; no one seems to be interested! haa... so i guess it was definitely ayu's day. sampai sanggup anto i balik to my place after that i tell you... :~)


among the guest, obviously


kak jib, executive producer of naga vxs. when kak jib was at the shooting set in kualè, she was sweating like hell, working hard. but that evening she looked sooooo ayu ler plak... ;)


"estet" book has been officially launched in a simple event...


abang mamat presented his speech


launching of the movie's video clips. both of the video clips entitled 'ayuh kawan' and 'cahaya kemenangan' will be aired on tv soon. so they hope that by the time the movie will be screened at the cinemas in december, movie goers could sing along to the tunes in the cinema too! oh btw that's awie in red cap.


then they introduced us to all the cast starting with awie. dah macam in a classroom plak when they had to stand up once they were being called hehee...


with ayu


spoilt ler... cuz of all the flashes from other cameras too. but anyhow i just wanna placed it here too to show you people of how fun this "estet" team.


more... check-out the chinese guy (bottom right) who looked exactly like smashpop! at first i thought why ler he don't wanna talk to me lol... tup tup he's actually one of the supporting actors hehee...


this one is ayu's "photography" work lol... it's of farid kamil's red nike shoes.


with the hero farid kamil


and jasmine michael, the heroin


with both of them


checking out the book, or just acted for the camera hehee... the book will be sold at RM25 each starting next week, at all major bookstores nationwide i.e. mph, kinokuniya. aiyaa! why ler i forgot to ask abang mamat and ajami to autograph it. then maybe i should have create a contest on my blog kan kan.


with kak jib, who radically thought that no one wanna take pic with her. don't be like that ler kak jib. ayu and i are bloggers and we lurve to camwhoreeeee... ;)


soru time!!! and they have tosè you... best! but the gravy was damnnnnn hot i tell you. sorry for the left hand; simply wanna show-off my jade bangle from beijing hiks! *winks*


soru² ler... but ayu still busy taking pics


SM was so lucky that day to win the lucky draw's grand prize of nikon coolpix s230 digital camera. he was so lucky ler... abang mamat was just teasing him, tup tup its SM' number that came up! lol...


with some of the supporting actors. see kak jib, i can snap pics with anyone! :)


press conference. i called this as a 'koboi' style pc *glurp* hehee...


and finally, with the man himself, mamat khalid

so please everyone, support local film industries. i only go for the good one of course. what when the shooting was done entirely in kualè hah! ohhh... i really can't wait to watch the movie then.

i would also like to thank ayu for being there with me. and for helping me to snap lotsa pics that day. don't forget dear, block your calendar for the premiere screening occay? ape² belakang cakap ar? hehee...