Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"

Holidays. Now tell me of who doesn't lurve holidays these days right. It really can take us all out of our stressful, hectic mind. What if it can be entirely born of and you do not have to worry a single cents about it at all hah! Blissful...


To those of you who dunno, I have just came back from KL two nights ago for Mamat Khalid's up and coming 'Estet' movie function. Now can I just don't have to unload my luggage and think about of what I should bring to Singapore!!!...

Ya... I guess I have mentioned this many times before. Since I missed the chance to attend IZEAFest 2009, now I really hope that I have more chances at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards! And the best thingy is that I can visit Singapore too; a not strange place for me during my childhood life. That means I have never been there for such a looooong time.

My father used to be an estate manager with UniRoyal in Johor, like Kluang and Simpang Renggam when I was small. So as you could see, he brought us all to Singapore almost every weekends! And most of our relatives and friends didn't surprise at all when they saw us wearing well-known brand clothes. Obviously those were all bought from Tangs...


and Isetan. These are the two places that I am not gonna miss if ever I am lucky to go to the lion country.


Other than that I am afraid I am not really sure of other unique places in Singapore that I should visit. It's really been years for me since the last time I went there. I know Singapore has changed a lot. Anyhow from what I heard Sentosa Island is part of the good places to wind down there. I understand that it was once a fishing village known as Pulau Blakang Mati. It later became a British military fortress until 1967 and was handed back to the newly independent Singapore Government. And today, Sentosa is Singapore's premier island resort getaway with multi-faceted appeal, teeming with events all year round. Great!


Next in the list maybe the world's largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer. From my research on Singapore, I learned that it made its first spin on Monday, 11 February last year. It offered passengers a bird's eye view of the city-state as well as parts of neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia *phew* Well, can I just go there once during the day and another at night. Then this way, I can have simultaneously a different kind of view everytime. I could also be proud of myself to witness the very nice and unforgettable view of Singapore and the surrounding areas from up there.


A hometown friend Razak who is now residing in JB did point out to me about Little India. Ya I think I remember that. Then there's also Arab Street. He told me that the highlight of this trip would be a meal at the Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant (purple shop in the pic below), home of the best "murtabak" in Singapore. This landmark Indian-Muslim restaurant opposite Sultan Mosque has been serving nasi beryani, murtabak, roti prata and other dishes for over 100 years. Wow!!!... kewlness! ;)

Thank you so much Razak for the great information. Unfortunately Razak can't provide me much about Singapore even though he goes there almost fortnightly. He eventually went there for business matters only. Nevertheless he can't never miss the murtabak place hehee...


So far I am already very excited enough thinking about having a holiday in Singapore. But I still do not have much idea in mind yet. What ever it is, I have a valid Malaysian passport to travel anytime...


On top of that, my bum is really like steaming hot now... See... I can't wait to start my wonderful journey to Singapore!


C'mon Nuffnang, count me in please, pretty pleaseeeee...

p/s Take note that all the Singapore pics above are linked to its individual sites. So if ever I get to go, I will definitely take pics of the beautiful city myself!

“Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience”