Sunday, October 04, 2009

the most talk bloggers' event of the blogosphere...

i mentioned here that there are currently some most talk bloggers' event of the blogosphere. i bet you IZEAFest is on top of the list now~

see what i mean? you people don't know of how i really wished to be there in seaworld orlando right now, with the rest of the bloggers. i felt so lucky anyway when i got the chance to watch some of the speakers last night liz strauss and brett bumeter, streaming live online courtesy of ustream. the talks were very good and informative.

and believe me people! this pic below will melt your heart. thanks to ben spark. he upload the pic from the venue straight to his flickr album via flickr mobile huhuu... more live pic uploaded by other bloggers/twitterers can be viewed here =)


if only i can get corporate companies or individuals (ehem...) to grant my wish for the same event next year fuhhh! i would be on cloud 9 i tell you guaranteed!!!... but who knows right people. with all of the hardwork and all... wish me luck ok :)

and here's why i am so excited about joining IZEAFest: i have been with them for quite some time already... kaching! kaching!

first i joined payperpost some time in january last year. followed by socialspark in may, same year. then recently i hooked up with sponsored tweets about 3 months ago. they are all under izea. not just that, i also has been selected as one of their TEDHead's! crew. the group was formed as a way to share the excitement of the new izea insider's program which began in january 2009. i am glad that i joined these bunch of people. they are all very nice and helpful. this has been proven that even though i may not known locally, but i am well received there. well if you haven't already, you better do it now people. do get more info about it in my blog, or email me for further queries and clarifications and i will try my very best to help you as far as i could :~)

alright then, since i was not able to make it to IZEAFest; my only hope now is for nuffnang asia-pacific blog awards! i doubt that its one of the most talk bloggers' event of the blogosphere as well especially in the asia-pacific, mainly malaysia, singapore, australia and phillippines. i have already submitted my first blog post to get an invite to the event. my second one is coming up very soon. so see you all there!...