Wednesday, October 28, 2009

shu la jin...

this blog post has actually been sitting in the draft folder for more than 3 weeks! *phew* and since its kinda an interesting one, i must say that its better i post this good information for everyone no matter what.


shu la jin is a form of exercise that has been founded by madam chin sau ying. eventually i knew that my line dance group has been doing it almost everyday as a form of warming up before our line dance routine. i didn't join them anyway as i normally opt and prefer for a breeze walk up and down the resident's hill near my former secondary school. then only walked down to laman budaya to join them for line dancing.

i only became more aware of this kind of exercise when madam chin dropped-by recently to introduce and promote it to kualè people.

madam chin brought a lady who looked so healthy; that no one could ever imagined she used to be a stroke victim if she didn't tell us of her past story. she practiced shu la jin and look at her...


they showed us some newspaper cut-outs written about the exercise.

rules and regulations of shu la jin exercise:
  1. only madam chin sau ying, being the founder and master of shu la jin, shall have the sole right to appoint her assistant instructors.

  2. appointed assistant instructors shall fully understand the objective of shu la jin.

  3. learner are expected to co-operate by helping each other to enjoy good health and love and to perform charity.

  4. learner shall not be selfish or greedy and shall instead devote themselves voluntarily to promote the exercise of shu la jin.

  5. learner shall seek permission from madam chin sau ying prior to carrying out any plans or activities concerning shu la jin.

  6. learner shall not conduct any private business or activities within the compound where shu la jin exercise is held.

  7. nobody is allowed to collect money in the name of shu la jin unless the collection is meant for charity donation and such collection is approved by madam chin sau ying.


it was just so happened i brought my oly along that morning. more over i guess an introduction of this shu la jin exercise via a video that i managed to capture would be much helpful~

if you like this blog post and are interested to know more about shu la jin, do email me or leave your comment in the comment box; and i would be much glad to get my friend to pass madam chin's contacts to you.