Thursday, October 29, 2009

of twitter @replies, mentions & RT...

seeing a tweet by a local twitter friend @SpicyGuy and a reply by @TheBackpackr (appendix 1; click on the pic for a larger view) earlier today, makes me wonder that maybe some twitterer still dunno much of how twitter works. you don't have to copy and paste the whole tweet and RT (retweet) it ler dude...


appendix 1

all tweets containing @username are collected for you, accessible by a link in your sidebar (see appendix 2; number 1 in blue). click on your user name to see all replies made to you, and mentions of your user name.

replies and mentions must use the user name in order to appear in the original person's replies tab. all replies and mentions will appear excepting replies from people you've blocked.

please note:

✓ people will only see replies in their home time line if they are following both the sender and recipient of the update.

✓ people with protected accounts cannot send replies to people who aren't following them, and mentions won't be seen by non-followers either.


appendix 2

so as you could see in my own example above (appendix 2), i clicked @Reply to @SpicyGuy instead of mentioning him. then i just tweet my reply. this way, @SpicyGuy's tweet can be seen under 'in reply to SpicyGuy' (number 1 in red). whilst when you scroll over there, you could see the direct link (see number 2 in red).

and when you click number 1 in red, you will be brought to this page (appendix 3) where @SpicyGuy's tweet can be viewed individually:


appendix 3

if you find this interesting enough, go here to learn more about this.

RT or retweet, essentially forwarding another person’s tweet (normally an interesting one) on to your twitter friends.

to link to a tweet, click below the tweet on the date/time it was tweeted. this will take you to an individual page with that tweet only. you can then shorten the link and post it in your tweets. otherwise you can just copy paste the tweet and add the prefix RT @whoever. go here to find out more about this.