Sunday, September 06, 2009

dark sky festival

do you believe it or not, if i tell you that i love astronomy? going out and by just looking at the night sky is something that i just love to do.


well, i had heard about dark sky cities being built, but i just recently heard about the dark sky festival in harmony florida. it is is being held to get the word out to the public about the importance of dark skies! also, it’s an amazing way to check out some astronomy!

did you know that there is “light pollution”? and that it harms wildlife, especially birds? national geographic magazine had a great article about it a few months back. they even showed a map where you could see the brightest areas; it was very eye opening!

we sure have seen the effects of light pollution when we have tried to go out and see the planets, nebula, and other stars. even the milky way is getting harder and harder to see without going all the way up into the mountains. in fact, even down by the lake, where there isn’t as much development, there is still a lot of light coming from the surrounding cities.

anyway, if you are interested in things like this, even if you can’t make it to florida, be sure to check out the dark sky festival at harmony website to learn more about light pollution and why they are holding the festival.

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