Thursday, September 03, 2009

of "i'll do that tomorrow"

are you reading this blog when you should be doing something else? it is very likely that a deadline is looming, but you work better under pressure, right?

excuses, excuses, that’s all you hear from the great procrastinators. a procrastinator, loves a hurdle, welcomes a problem, and takes on any excuse to deny responsibility for their actions.

when you question a procrastinator, they always have a valid reason for their actions, or inaction, and it’s never their fault. there are just many opportunities, so many distractions that can keep a procrastinator from doing the job in hand. even when they claim they are overwhelmed with work, they will always stop for e-mails, coffee breaks, phone calls, and there’s always the internet—the greatest distraction of them all.

how do you spot a procrastinator? more often than not, they are very good at covering up their tracks. and their constant reasoning behind every action means that they do not even recognize the trait in themselves.

procrastinators are habitual.

was du heute besorgen kannst, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen
(translation: what you can do today, don't postpone until tomorrow).

this proverb reflects a german notion that working is very hard. they like to get things done and then focus and move on to the next thing to do. they don't like to postpone work. it is better to get work done as soon as possible to get it out of the way. germans like to get as much as possible accomplished in a day. they think that things you postpone until tomorrow you might never get done.