Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what a cool tuesday morning...

this nice cool weather always reminded me of our trip to cameron highlands about 4 years ago. it was the kids first trip there indeed. we were all especially megat was definitely damn excited, only He knew. no doubt we all lurve holidays!...

one thing that made us laughed that time was megat's bedtime incident. he was all ready to go to sleep when he wanted to pee. ok fine. then he went back to bed after he did his thing. and when he was about to close his eyes, he had to go to the washroom again! and guess what people. this happened again and again and again... i think that incident repeated maybe more than 6 to 7 times i tell you lol...

then finally when he wanted to go up again for the last time (if i'm not mistaken), he mumbled: "EEEEEEEEEE... what's this that i wanted to pee je!..." hehee... all of us laughed like hell :~)

* * * * *

ahh... finally i have some space to update this blog. there's still quite a number of blog post in queue anyway:
  1. most importantly: raya updates!

  2. lantern festival celebration

  3. and don't be stunned people cuz i still have the berbuka puasa with nuffnang post in my draft folder hiks!

  4. also about pasar ramadhan in kualè, that's also is in the draft folder now :)

  5. and not forgetting my project 365! its not that i do not have the materials, but its all of the matter of t.i.m.e. hah!

  6. and more...

i could say that i'm always the last to update my blog about events that i attended and such. but arghhh... don't care lor... as long as i update my blog, no matter late or not, i always trust to better be late than never! *glurp*