Wednesday, September 23, 2009

let lunchster books your lunch dates

with work pressures multiplying, it isn’t easy to get away for a lunch with friends. lunchster automates the process of booking lunch dates with the people you want to keep close to you. the service, unveiled at DEMOfall 09, takes all of the work out of arranging lunch meetings.

lunchster surveyed recently that most people work near about 16 friends or colleague with whom they’d like to stay in better touch. they say about 80 percent of the people they surveyed wished they could keep in better touch with friends, but they find it too difficult to coordinate.

to take the hassle out of finding agreed upon dates and locations, lunchster automatically schedules lunches with those near you and seamlessly integrates the lunch date into calendars such as outlook, iCal, and google calendar. you simply send an email to a friend and cc to add a “lunch buddy” to your lunch rotation. then you suggest dates, or lunchster will schedule a lunch date with a buddy on your list every two weeks or so.

you can see the location of your friend on a google map. upon receiving an invitation, your friend can click on the map and see nearby restaurant recommendations from yelp, which scours the local area for the most convenient places to meet your friend.

lunchster will rotate through your friends so that you can space out the time between lunches, without feeling like you’ve totally lost touch with someone.

*this is a sponsored post