Monday, September 07, 2009

updates... coming up!

i have just arrived from kuala lumpur around 7.45 pm or so. this time i went there by transnasional bus; easy as it is since i was alone... as you could see, besides that there are so many access to public transports i.e. lrt, commuter, monorail and such in the city in order for me to move about easily.


pic of my cousin yaya and i, is courtesy of

and when i went there, i didn't go for one particular reason only. in fact normally there were so many errands to do in a trip, no matter whether it was such a quick one or not. so puh-leaseee... it doesn't mean that i have to blog everything. for an example, don't tell me that i must blog about my appointments too, right. its rather confidential for me, so it will stay as it is. now i hope that i have clarified everything regards to one of my blogging styles *phew*

so as some of you may knew already by now that i attended the "berbuka puasa bersama nuffnang di the apartment klcc". more updates on this and(/or) whatever i think that is bloggable will be coming up very very soon!!!... you see, sometimes its not that i can't do live blogging with my dell whenever or wherever i were, but the thing is times are so jealous of me! whatever it is i will still try my very best to continue blogging no matter what. at least, its better late than never! at the meantime, do click on the above pic for so many wonderful and great pics by [remarks: diese and i launched kheirul's camera for that day's pics occay? hehee...]. and here i would like to thank kheirul for all the wonderful pics. i tell you what... i am very sure that one of these days you would aspect one of them to be a profile pic, like what i did for smashpop's pic here! takpe kan, kheirul kan?... ;)