Monday, August 10, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra pre-screening...

finally... i can sit down and write this quietly *phew*

i was very lucky enough to receive an invite to the pre-screening of g.i. joe: the rise of cobra movie by samsung malaysia electronics. and since i had other errands to do in kl, so i accepted the invitation.

when i read the email invites, i knew it that maybe other samsung innov8 run participants would be there as well. cuz in the same email, it was addressed to my former teammates bryan and cherrie too!

the movie premiere was held on last thursday; at hall 1, gsc signature, the garden, kl. dinner was served at paradiso restaurant, at gsc itself. that's to celebrate the recent launch of samsung jet in malaysia. "smarter than smartphone, jet is destined to be the jewel in the crown for samsung mobile this year".

and now i figured we go on to my review. there might be some spoilers, in case you care *glurp*

i've been familiar with g.i. joe since i was a kid. i remember the cartoon, and of course, the toys owned by my lil' bro. however, i was never a die hard fan or anything like that. after seeing the trailers, and realizing it looked pretty much nothing like the g.i. joe i remember, i wasn't expecting much. so, with that said, here's the short version: it was great, but it wasn't the train wreck i expected. also, it was more enjoyable than transformers 2.

obviously the movie is flawed. it has it's share of "wtf?" moments, like when duke, baronnes and storm shadow get out of a plane, on a polar ice cap, wearing jeans and light jackets. apparently it's not quite as cold up there as i thought. must be global warming. or like when 4 nanomite warheads apparently need to weaponize, a process that involves zapping them with lasers for about 30 seconds. maybe i'm just not that knowledgeable, but i thought warheads were the weapon? no weaponizing necessary. who knows. the movie is filled will stuff like this. but, silly science aside, the real weak link in the movie is easily channing tatum. he just doesn't seem like a military badass. the way he delivers lines, he sounds more like a whiny teen sometimes. yes, i'm aware of how retarded it is to criticize the acting in a g.i. joe movie, but he's the center piece of the movie and he just can't carry it. part of the problem is his relationship with baroness in the movie. apparently 4 years ago they were engaged. then duke and her brother rex (who later turns out to be cobra commander) go off to war and rex "dies". duke and baroness just stop talking, or something. i really don't know. later then she was infected with nanomites by her believed to be dead brother which means he can control her like a robot. but eventually over the course of the movie, they make up and she miraculously overpowers the nanomite programming (wtf?) and helps duke and the joes. as dumb as that sounds, it's made worse by the fact that tatum and sienna miller simply have no chemistry whatsoever.

so, like i said, it's a fun but flawed movie. it's pretty much what you would expect an action movie to be. the biggest question, i guess, is this: "is it a g.i. joe movie?" honestly, i'd have to say "no". it's not quite the g.i. joe i remember, but it is a big, cheesy, fun and silly action movie that kept me entertained for about 2 hours.

so, just in case the talk backers decide my review looks leafy and green, as usual here i attached some pics that i have taken that night.


marcus and his beautiful sista, that at first from far, i thought she's his gf... hah! ;)



group pic courtesy of smashpop; tq dude! ;) so basically the recent profile pic has been cropped from this one. i am saving mine for my project 365 hehee...


dinner was served at paradiso restaurant, gsc the garden


i snapped this while entering the hall