Thursday, August 13, 2009

of typically swiss...

traveling for leisure or pleasure is a result of growing economic activities and prosperity, quality lifestyle, increasing awareness and above all wish to “be there and do that”. switzerland is the destination that has always been on the wish list of most travelers from around the world.

what makes switzerland a paradise on the earth?

landscape beauty, serene environment, mountains and a special nip in the air of switzerland is naturally attractive. and on top of this setting, if one has luxurious accommodation and modern amenities, it makes best setting for vacations and(/or) a romantic retreat. this is what is called typically swiss.

despite having their unique character, all the 225 swiss hotels have seven basic things in common, which make up the criteria for the grouping “Typically Swiss Hotels” in the first place. they feature an authentic architectural style for each city or region. the interior design exudes swiss atmosphere in an individual fashion. these hotels are not part of any standardized chain. they boast attractive locations, such as on a lake, in the mountains or in the old town. the service is personalized and driven by employees who know their way around. many establishments already bear the “level-1 quality label” by switzerland tourism.

lastly, another important point: at least 30% of the menu and 20% of the wine list are regional specialties and swiss wines, respectively. “in a very individual way the hotels are a mirror of their region”, says jürg schmid, director of switzerland tourism. he adds: “every single hotel is an engaging advertisement for switzerland as an extremely diverse and authentic tourist destination”.


have a look at and see what they are offering and how. better still plan your next swiss vacation with typically swiss and have an enriching experience.

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